01/01/15 - happy new year! check out our brand new song about Binghamton's worst bar - the Rathskeller. download Rat right here! P.S. Binghamton's own Dan Pokorak still owes us $75 from a show from 2011! give us our fucking money Dan!

12/04/14 - it's xmas time so you know what that means...a brand new album from Fuck You & the Xmas Trees called O Holy Fuck. get it now and share the holiday spirit with friends and family.

10/23/14 - boo! check out our all new EP called Ruin Halloween. get it for free on Bandcamp and play it loud for all the trick-or-treaters in your life.

09/11/14 - today's the day! get our new album Greatest "Hits" right now on iTunes or Bandcamp! we've worked on this for a couple years and we know you'll love it! much more very soon.

07/21/14 - hey jimbos, we have a bunch of music coming out this summer/fall/winter. get pumped!

12/25/13 - merry christmas jimbos! check out our new side project called Fuck You & the Xmas Trees.

03/21/13 - hey jimbos, we'll be playing a show in Brooklyn at The Place on Easter Sunday! Come celebrate the holiday with us Fuctiphino and Year On a Mountain. You can find more information here and on the shows page.

01/13/13 - happy 2013 everyone. glad you made it. we had a good time in our return to Binghamton back in December. you can hear some audio from the show on our soundcloud page. check it out! unfortunately, the jims weren't able to play trash bar due to inclement weather, but instead Dec 29th served as the first show of Wolf and the Wolves (Griff + Nick! look for lots more music from them, soon.

12/16/12 - quick update! check out our christmas song Santa is a Nazi at the bottom of the page and get a copy for $1! it makes a great christmas present, too!

12/10/12 - lots of exciting news. first: we just released our newest album choose life! buy a copy or 4 today! lyrics for that coming soon. also, we released our (soon to be) classic Christmas song/video for Santa is a Nazi. Check it out by clicking the link or heading over to the media page. finally, we're playing a couple of shows this month. you can find info about both of them on the shows page. we'll be making our return to Binghamton after a couple years in NYC, so be sure to come out jimbos!

12/01/12 - long time no see jimbos! lots of cool stuff going on in jims world. we have a brand new christmas single coming out in the next few days. check our facebook or back here for updates on that. also, we're playing in Brooklyn on 12/29. come out and party with us. more details on that soon!

08/16/12 - hey! we just recorded a bunch of songs. we cant wait to put them out! also, we'll be playing shows. stay tuned for all the juicy stuff, jimbos!

06/17/12 - hey jimbos, lots of big news! first off, we have a show @ Trash Bar brooklyn coming up on 6/23. check it out at the Trash Bar site or facebook. second, we were interviewed by Raj @ the Roodon Food blog. we talked about our jingles and all of the great products we support. check it out jimbos! last, we'll have new music coming soon. get pumped!

03/25/12 - we had a ton of fun at our show at Trash Bar in Brooklyn! thanks to all the jimbos for coming out. special thanks to E Fluent, Myneframe and everyone at Everything Production. jimbos in the Binghamton area: check them out for all of your production needs. also, check out 3 live recordings from the Trash Bar show here: i like drugs, stay positive and for the kids!

1/22/12 - yo jimbos! our next show is feb 17th @ trash bar brooklyn. we cant wait! be sure to check out "get anerican" our second single from choose life!

12/11/11 - the show at trash bar was a lot of fun! thanks for coming out, jimbos. check out our first single from choose life, right here!

 10/26/11 - checking in to let everyone know we'll be playing at Trash Bar in Brooklyn again on 12/3. we've lined up a saturday night show so everyone can come out and have a drunkenly good time with us. we'll have copies of our soon to be released album choose life. new music soon!

09/22/11 - lots of new songs coming soon, jimbos. we're putting the finishing touches on our newest masterpiece the jims choose life! be on the look out for more shows coming up this fall!

08/10/11 - thanks to everyone for coming out to our show @ trash bar. we had a ton of fun. next up is a show at Otto's Shrunken Head on August 25th! come out and party with us. we just recorded a bunch of new songs, too. check back soon for more!

07/28/11 - gearing up for the August 3rd show @ Trash Bar in Brooklyn. come hang out and party! also, check out our new music video for danny bonadouchebag. see ya soon jimbos!

07/04/11 - happy independence day americans! celebrate your freedom and get patriotic. we've been celebrating our freedom of speech by writing new songs. check back soon for more on those. also, check us out @ Trash Bar in Brooklyn on August 3rd! looks like there are some sweet drink specials, so expect us to be in fine drunken form. see you there, jimbos

06/08/11 - lots of new updates! check out the music page for a free download of our jingles album called the jims go gommercial! be sure to watch all the music videos, too. for all you reading enthusiasts out there, we've added the lyrics for the help you help yourself single and the jims go gommercial. lots more updates soon, but for now like us on facebook or follow us on twitter.

04/02/11 - we've been hard at work. check out all of our newest product jingles (for amazing products like bubblicious, mcdonalds, pringles, dole bananas, miller high life, and many more) by clicking here or on the jingles link at the bottom of the page. we also added a couple of new songs that are streaming on this site. check back for lyrics + release information on the Help You Help Yourself single and more!

04/01/11 - check out our newest masterpiece entitled dump doll. you can find it right here. we've been slaving over this song since 2007. they just dont get much better than this.

03/13/11 - lots of new music coming soon! we'll have a single, more jingles, and maybe even a short EP in the upcoming months. thanks to our friends in the pierce creek rebels, like a cat fight, and dina conigliaro for bringing the rock. no thanks to the drunken asshole that is dan pokorak for paying all bands but the jims...especially after mentioning how the show made hundreds of dollars. dont bother playing for dan pokorak because he'll get drunk and decide not to pay you. we hear he'll be running 7 days of shows sometime soon. HEY DAN: no one wants to pay $10 to get into a shitty bar and see your fuck face. also, make sure to spare your ears and avoid his band Dr EF and the fucking shit eaters of binghamton, ny. keep checking back for lots of new stuff and make sure to watch out for daniel pokorak.

03/6/11 - hey jimbos! check out the newest project from the jims called "the jims go commercial." its a series of jingles and music videos for the products we love. so far, we've posted videos for: bubblicious, converse, dole, sharpie, goldfish, pringles, sun chips and mcdonalds. you can find that commercial reel here. keep checking back for tons of new videos! also, we're playing a show on 3/11 @ fitzies in binghamton. we'll be playing with pierce creek rebels, like a cat fight, and dina. come party with us!

12/11/10 - hey jimbos, we put up info on all the new songs + some streams and stuff. check that out here: the jims (2010) . if you like it, you can buy it for only $3 right here! think of it as an investment in your future. otherwise, more news soon and check us out on reverbnation!

12/05/10 - surprise! new album is out! its appropriately titled the jims (2010). its up for sale @ our bandcamp page. get it for the bargain price of $3! check back soon for more new songs, lyrics, and updates!

12/01/10 - hey jimbos! things are moving along in jims land. if you havent seen it already, check out our new song/"video" for the song "Senator Libous is a Fucking Weaselface." we've also got an exclusive song (Converse All*Stars) on the new KrayTracker user compilation. a big thanks to our new friends at Northeast Underground for featuring us in the article Meet the Jims: Binghamton’s brand of young, loud and snotty. otherwise, keep checking our facebook for updates on the new album "the jims go acoustic." later jimbos!

09/04/10 - lots of big news, jimbos: new songs, new jingles, new videos! it breaks down to 7 punk rock songs, 14 jingles, 10 videos, and 1 hip hop track. look for all of this to be released over the next couple of months. we just played dance-a-tron's 5th birthday celebration with the waste*ations, your hero, and brigatine. keep checking back for new songs and upcoming shows.

03/20/10 - yo jimbos. thanks to everyone for coming out to the show last weekend. we had a ton of fun! thanks to the prozacs and the emersons for coming down to binghamton. and thanks to the jigawatts and the serlingtons. there's lots of video from the show, including the new song "bubblicious!" check it out on the media page or on our youtube page! more good stuff coming soon, so check back.

02/19/10 - happy new millenium jimbos! lots of good stuff happening this year. we'll give you details on all the new music soon enough. in the mean time, we added the album info and direct download links for merry christmas, fuck you! check those out in the music section. we also added that ep to bandcamp. otherwise, check out our newest videos on the media page and follow us on facebook or twitter! catch you soon, jimbos

12/19/09 - hey jimbos! christmas ep is just about done. good thing too, since its just about christmas. we'll post that soon. also, we're playing a new years show w/ the wastations and matt sherwood @ 4 college st. check out myspace for more info.

12/04/09 - news! news! news! christmas ep coming soon (recorded at the new basement audio). we're working on a couple december shows, too. we'll let you know, jimbos. in the mean time, check out our albums on bandcamp / get the first one absolutely free

9/26/09 - we put some more stuff up here. merch/media coming soon. most of our music/lyrics are up. stream the new album at the bottom of the page.

9/13/09 - we are the jims. this is our website. check out our newest album "the jims do it for the kids". you'll want to listen to it 15 or 16 times while you learn the lyrics. lots more coming soon.