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Why Jim’s?

When you use Jim’s, you are using someone who is…..






Local to your area

Contrary to what people may think, all Jim’s Franchisees live and service the neighbourhood they live in. Meaning that the Jim’s Franchisee who provides you with excellent service and advice could even be your neighbour!
All of our Franchisees have local knowledge making them instantly familiar with the uniqueness and individuality of your suburb.

Your Jim is a small business owner

Jim’s Franchisees are small business owners.
They are not employees or work for a corporate office. They are locally owned Franchises run by people who live in your area. Just like any other small business owner, they share the same desire to create a better life for their family.

They all understand the value that is expected from clients when they are engaged to provide a service or advice.

An expert in service and advice

Every Jim’s Franchisee is an expert in their field. Although, we are best known for mowing and cleaning services. We have many experts ranging from providing real estate to financial services advice. We have stretched the Jim’s brand into services where we are able to deliver the same level of customer service that we are known for.

All of our Franchisees are fully qualified to industry standards for their particular service. When you talk to a Jim’s Franchisee, you are talking to an industry expert!

Fully insured for
public liability

All of our Jim’s Franchisees are insured for public liability, with the majority insured via Jim’s own insurance brokerage, Jim’s Insurance. This way we can 100% guarantee you that if something does go wrong, our Franchisee’s insurance is current. Franchisees who require professional indemnity insurance also have this cover in place via Jim’s insurance. Don’t risk an uninsured party coming onto your property. You can trust Jim’s!

Police checked

All of our Jim’s Franchisees are fully police checked before starting their Franchise business. We don’t allow people to buy a Franchise if they do not pass our rigourous screening process. This is to ensure that every customer can be assured that the Franchisee providing them with a service is an upstanding member of the local community. Also to provide you with 100% confidence when engaging any one of our Franchisees.

We take pride in being able to say that everyone of our Franchisees is fully police checked and screened.

The brand

Jim’s is proud to be a privately owned Australian company that now also operates in Canada, New Zealand and The United Kingdom. Jim’s is not run by hedge fund managers or beholden to shareholders. The only people we are beholden to is YOU! the customer. Our mandate is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction and for more than 25 years Jim’s Franchisees have delivered millions of jobs to the highest of standards. We are proud to be privately owned and Jim himself is active everyday in the running of the company. Every day is geared towards improving customer service and standards amongst the group so that we can deliver the best customer service experience that is possible.

Jim’s Pay Plan

Don’t delay that renovation or big job that needs to be done.

Jim’s has a Jim’s Pay Plan option available for customers and Franchise owners.

To help make your next project a reality.

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