How To Build A Serious Jim’s Mowing Franchise

Gerald Schlebusch didn’t just aim to work with Jim’s Mowing– he aimed to excel, transforming his aspirations of making $3,000-$4,000 a week into a reality of earning that much daily. Let’s uncover the secrets to his success.

Starting Strong: Vision and Training

Gerald’s journey with Jim’s Mowing is truly inspiring. From South Africa to the leadership of a booming business in just three years, his journey proves the power of dedication and the right support. 

He started with a vision sharpened by his rich background in business and training. Despite the challenges of starting during the COVID-19 pandemic, he saw an opportunity with Jim’s Mowing. 

At first, his goal was small– but his ambition was limitless.

The comprehensive training and foundational standards provided by Jim’s Group were crucial, offering him the tools needed for a solid start.

Building the Dream Team

Creating a stellar team was Gerald’s next big step. He focused on gathering people who shared Jim’s values and were committed to excellence. 

Regular training, setting clear expectations, and maintaining a positive, respectful work environment became the foundation of his operation. 

This approach ensured his staff were not just employees but vital contributors to the business’s success.

Pricing, Productivity, and Equipment

Gerald’s approach to pricing and quoting was strategic, aiming for efficiency and profitability. 

He understood the importance of the right equipment, choosing brands that offered reliability and performance. 

This attention to detail in operations, combined with a focus on daily goals and team motivation, greatly boosted his business’s productivity and service quality.

Continuous Improvement and Expansion

Even with his success, Gerald stays focused on continuous improvement and expansion opportunities. 

He emphasizes the importance of adapting and learning, whether from fellow franchisees or through the challenges faced. 

This highlights the potential within Jim’s Mowing for those willing to put in the work, adopt strategic approaches, and focus on quality and efficiency.


Gerald Schlebusch’s success with Jim’s Mowing proves what can be achieved with the right mindset, support, and dedication.

His journey from a hopeful entrepreneur to the owner of a thriving franchise showcases the potential for growth, the importance of team building, and the value of continuous learning and adaptation. 

His is a story that’s not just inspirational– it’s a guide for success within the Jim’s Group framework.

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